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Modern Circuit Design for mobile and web.

Intuitive, Powerful, and Portable.
Circuit schematic capture and simulation for Mobile and Web.

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  • Professional-grade Spice & DWS simulators
  • Subcircuits and device models
  • Spice/SWAN Model Manager
  • Analog & Digital Parts
  • AC, DC, Transient, and OP analysis modes
  • Free web version fully functional, only limited # of saved files
  • File Sync Between Mobile & Web
  • In-Application Plotting
  • Export & Share Design Reports and Screenshots
  • In-Application Tutorial
  • Online Circuit Library
  • Online Storage for Circuits
  • Raw Netlist Output

Spicy Schematics For iPad

The same great spice-based features as Spicy for Web, for iPad. Spicy Schematics is for general-purpose spice-based simulation. Includes File Sync capability between iPad and Web.

Note that Spicy Schematics FREE allows you to try both Spicy (spice) and Spicy SWAN (DWS) fully without restriction, except you can only simulate a certain number of times and save only 2 files. The full version has no such restriction. So try it out today!


Spicy (full)

Spicy (free)

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NgSpice Manual

Spicy SWAN For iPad


Spicy SWAN

The professional version of Spicy, Spicy SWAN, is based on HYBRID simulation engines including Spice for general-purpose simulation focused on semiconductor devices, and SWAN (Simulation by Wave ANalysis, trademark of Piero Belforte) for general purpose simulation focused on circuits where SIGNAL PROPAGATION effects are no more negligible and to PWL (PieceWise Linear) modeling.

Those engines are FULLY COMPLEMENTARY being based on fully different algorithms: Nodal Analysis (NA) for Spice and Digital Wave Network (DWN) DSP for SWAN. In this way Spicy SWAN is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE CIRCUIT SIMULATION TOOL on the market. Includes File Sync capability between iPad and Web.

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Swan Introduction  Spicy Swan Concepts
DWS/SWAN Timeline  DWS Manual  DWS Story
SWAN ART  DWS Images DWS Interactive Plots
DWS Video Playlist

Spicy Circuit Simulator For iPhone & iPad

A simple Spice Netlist utility for iPad and iPhone.



  • Netlist Entry
  • File Save
  • AC, DC, and TRAN Analysis
  • Spice Syntax Reference
  • Netlist Export
  • Netlist, Spice Results, and Plot Scrollable

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